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Bone on Bone

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Bone on Bone is a very astute exploration of a long marriage and the importance of who we are as individuals and the power that has in shaping our lives together.

– Carlyle King, actress, The Road Theater

I was mesmerized with the tenacity (with a rainbow of colors illuminating it!) of what was going on Bone on Bone. A lite touch in directing makes for so much power in what goes on in the relationship between the character — and it’s a rare gift when a director is able to structure a play with that! We, the audience, were invited into a world that was so intriguing and funny and infuriating — and — had us right there at home with Linda & Jonathan! I can’t wait to see what happens if Marylou expands it.

– Ginger Grace, actor and playwright

Bone of Bone was a terrific evening of intimate theatre! The play moved – emotionally and physically — with wonderful grace and all the details were appreciated. Congratulations on creating a truly memorable and moving evening of theatre!!

– Fengar Gael, playwright

Images from Broadway Bound Theatre Festival, August 2017

Mark Coffin, Geraldine Leer

Marylou DiPietro, Playwright and Misty Wells, Director

Talk-back after Bone on Bone reading, The Road Theatre, LA, April 2017

Sam Anderson, Carlyle King, Mary Lou Belli, Marylou DiPietro, Melelani Satsuma

Short, one-act version of Bone on Bone at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, November 2016

Stephanie Karpell, Mike Folie