“Goodwill is a total masterpiece.” M. Graham Smith

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A trilogy of short plays: Goodwill, Finish Line, and The Anatomy of Shame.

M. Graham Smith on DiPietro’s new plays:

“Marylou DiPietro’s short plays, Goodwill and Finish Line are sweet gems of storytelling and event. Both took me on such beautiful journeys in such a brief number of pages. I was so astonished. Goodwill is a total masterpiece. What a lovely elegant and economical moment DiPietro has rendered for the stage. I love DiPietro’s sense of place, evident in the rhythms of speech and expressions the characters choose and in the sense of the geography of the character’s worlds. I love the kind of charged intimacy she brings out of the scenes, with characters in states of vulnerability and surprise.”

M. Graham Smith, a San Francisco-based director and O’Neill National Directing Fellow, directed the world premiere of DiPeitro’s play, Bone on Bone, at New Jersey Rep.

Prizewinning Playwright & Actor, Mike Folie, on DiPietro’s plays.

“Marylou DiPietro’s multi-layered and well-constructed plays present nuanced characters in recognizable situations that are always dramatic and subtly compelling. Her plays are like the cave pools one finds in Mexico: deceptively placid on the surface, but surprisingly deep. Marylou’s plays require actors willing to dive down into her characters and dialogue to bring the deeper meanings of her work to the surface.”

Mike Folie acted in DiPietro’s prizewinning play, Cold Water Flat, and the short version of Bone on Bone. Both plays were done at Manhattan Rep in NYC.