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[Bone on bone] takes on a not-so-unusual topic—a long-term marriage in which the couple is faced with conflicting individual goals. This view of a “year in the life” and its unsettled resolution make this a play that is worth seeing, especially by couples. I suggest making a trip to Long Branch and the New Jersey Repertory Company to see Bone on Bone.

– Allen Neuner for Out In New Jersey

“Bone on Bone” references the arthritic loss of cartilage in its title, a process that happens during aging when that which provided comfort erodes and makes room for pain to enter the body. It is a play that wonders about the process of that pain interjecting itself where comfort once seemed so certain. There are no answers here, but Little and Peace show compellingly how that pain can be generative of new discoveries and new selves.

– Patrick Maley for NJ Advance Media

Bone on Bone is beautifully and subtly crafted play about an older couple going through a rough patch after 30 years of marriage. There are no grand hysterics or slamming doors. There is no villain; no one is at fault. It’s like real life funny and sad and hopeful and fearful, all at the same time. It reminds me very much (and saying this means a lot to me) of Anton Chekhov’s plays.

– Mike Folie, actor and playwright

I was mesmerized with the tenacity (with a rainbow of colors illuminating it!) of what was going on Bone on Bone. A lite touch in directing makes for so much power in what goes on in the relationship between the character — and it’s a rare gift when a director is able to structure a play with that! We, the audience, were invited into a world that was so intriguing and funny and infuriating — and — had us right there at home with Linda & Jonathan! I can’t wait to see what happens if Marylou expands it.

– Ginger Grace, actor and playwright

Bone of Bone was a terrific evening of intimate theatre! The play moved emotionally and physically — with wonderful grace and all the details were appreciated. Congratulations on creating a truly memorable and moving evening of theatre!!

– Fengar Gael, playwright

Bone on Bone is a very astute exploration of a long marriage and the importance of who we are as individuals and the power that has in shaping our lives together.

– Carlyle King, actor, The Road Theater

World Premiere of Bone on Bone at New Jersey Rep, Jan.- Feb. 2020


Actor Wendy Peace, playwright Marylou DPietro, actor John Little

Marylou with Gabor and Suzanne Barabas

Talk-back after Bone on Bone reading, The Road Theatre, LA, April 2017

Marylou DiPietro with Emmy Award winning Director Mary Lou Belli

Sam Anderson, Carlyle King, Mary Lou Belli, Marylou DiPietro, Melelani Satsuma