Showcase Production of Cold Water Flat at Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Manhattan Repertory Theater, NYC
Directed by Kim Sharp
Starring Ruby Rees and Mike Folie
June 3, 5, 15, 17 2016


It’s 1976. Twenty-one year-old Sarah moves to New York City to be a writer. She has gone through a string of dead-end jobs when her father visits. He ignores her need for financial support and unconditional love as their relationship enters turbulent waters.

Marylou DiPietro with Mike Folie, Ruby Rees, and director Kim Sharp


Directing Marylou’s Cold Water Flat was a joy. The relationship between the father and daughter was a rich landscape to explore in rehearsal. Audiences were rapt in the subtle build as the characters grappled with their past history and present circumstance. A satisfying journey for all.

— Kim Sharp, Director of Cold Water

Marylou’s writing contains so many layers and digs deep beyond the surface. I wanted the scene to continue.

— Mia Ellis, Actor


Mike Folie & Ruby Rees. Photos by Kim Sharp