In Love With Cancer

In this sometimes bizarre, often uproariously funny and heart-wrenching story, a woman’s worst fear becomes reality. While recovering from her surgery, she stumbles into a rabbit hole of revelations and memories leading all the way back to the Garden of Eden and the realization that “shame is the real cancer that needs to be lopped off and thrown in the trash.”

“I was compelled to record everything I was experiencing as I travelled through the dense, complicated forest of my past,” says DiPietro. “I was blown away when the truly terrifying roller coaster ride I was on miraculously morphed into a kind of love-affair with the gifts cancer inadvertently bestowed upon me.”

A monologue from In Love with Cancer has been selected for inclusion in an anthology called The Best Women’s Stage Monologues  of 2021, published by Smith & Kraus of Hanover, NH.


More Accolades

 In Love with Cancer is compelling personal story with universal resonance and delicious humor.

– Carol Rosenfeld, Acting Coach/Teacher and Author

Marylou is remarkably reflective. She uses her talents as a poet, a playwright, and a performer to create a uniquely honest and optimistic tale of survival.

– Nora Fiffer, Co-Director

Performed at the United Solo Festival on October 5, 2019


Stephanie Musnick-Karpell, Marylou DiPietro, and Mike Folie

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